DAM integration

If you already have a digital asset management system (DAM) set up we can integrate with it so you can make images available in for use in your new brand templates. This maintains your DAM as your 'single point of truth' for brand assets.

Intergrations DAM what are the options

DAM integration options

DAMs are flexible systems, often set up in different ways. We will review your DAM and discuss options with you to work out the best way to get the right images available for people to use.

Exactly how the integration behaves will depend on the information that we’re able to access from the API integration. We've got good relationships with DAM providers so we chat through options with them too.

If you don't have a DAM already take advantage of our built in image and asset library. Save on costs and multiple platforms with our all in one solution.

Intergration DAM

How does the DAM integration work?

When your user needs to add an image to design they are making from a template they simply click and we load the images they can access from your existing DAM.

It's seamless, quick and helps you maintain your DAM as your single source of truth.

If you don't have a DAM already you can use BrandStencil's DAM.

Intergrations DAM benefits 02

DAM integration benefits

  • No need for you to manage images in multiple systems
  • Design created from templates always comply with copyright
  • Users have access to up to date images managed in your DAM
  • Automatically pull through photo credit from your DAM*
  • Automatically pull through description from your DAM for accessibility*

*Dependent on DAM capabilities.

Time to Change

Using BrandStencil has added a whole new dimension to how supporters can challenge stigma around mental illness. Rather than just using the one-size-fits-all approach of creating materials and sending them out to supporters, now they can edit and create their own, reflecting where in the country they are, what environment they’re campaigning in, and what their specific goals are.

Seb Baird
Digital Officer, Time to Change
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Who's your DAM?

If your digital asset management system isn't listed we can still set it up. Get in touch and we will review their platform and let you know.

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