Connecting your digital asset management system

You’ve spent a lot of time curating on-brand images in your digital asset management system so why not make them available in your new brand management platform?

Intergrations DAM what are the options

What are the options?

With one of our DAM integrations, you can make the images in your DAM available in the digital customisable templates of your choice. How the integration behaves will depend on your DAM provider and the information that we’re able to pull through with the integration.

We have already created integrations with;

Intergration DAM

How does it work?

When your users are using a customisable template that needs an image you can choose to restrict your users to only be able to use your DAM images. When your user clicks on ‘choose image’ from within your BrandStencil template you can show them images from your DAM of choice.

Do you have shapes in your brand? We can add an image mask to our cropping tool so the user will understand how the image will look within the shape.

You are able to allow more flexibility around images, check out ‘Smart templates’ to find out more.

Intergrations DAM benefits 02

What are the benefits?

  • No need to manage images in multiple places
  • Your users can create designs with on-brand imagery
  • Make sure that your designs are always conforming to copyright and automatically pull through photo credit from your DAM*

*The information will need to be available in the DAM and be a function that is included in the template development

Time to Change

Using BrandStencil has added a whole new dimension to how supporters can challenge stigma around mental illness. Rather than just using the one-size-fits-all approach of creating materials and sending them out to supporters, now they can edit and create their own, reflecting where in the country they are, what environment they’re campaigning in, and what their specific goals are.

Seb Baird
Digital Officer, Time to Change
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