Training for success

Our platform is easy to use, you’re busy, we get that which is why we offer training and support so you can learn the possibilities of the platform in a single session.

Every new client has training hours built into their onboarding package to divide up as you see fit. We discuss this with you early on in the onboarding process as it’s one of the most important elements of a successful brand management tool.

Support Training options 01

What are your options?

  • Full product training
  • User training
  • BrandStencil supported training
  • Recording training sessions
  • Purchasing additional training time
  • Bespoke onboarding videos
Support Training

What are the benefits?

  • You’re fully supported launching the platform
  • There are multiple options so it can be moulded to meet business needs
  • You receive hands-on training to vital teams
  • Users feel supported and involved in an exciting new business development
  • The right training increases the adoption and success of the platform

Soldiers Charity

This is absolutely fantastic; all of my prayers have been answered. Just had a play around with it and it is really simple – it took two minutes to do what could normally take an hour.

BrandStencil user
North East Region Soldiers Charity
Campaign poster
ABF Soldiers Charity example campaign poster

Effective training solutions

Getting the right training is an important piece of the puzzle. No matter what your needs we can provide you with effective solutions and tools. Contact us about your training challenges.

Train smart