Training & onboarding

Our training helps you get the best out of your BrandStencil brand management platform.

Every new client has training hours built into their onboarding package to divide up as you see fit. We discuss this with you early on in the onboarding process as it’s one of the most important elements of a implementing a brand management tool.

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Training for Administrators

For Account Admins we offer in-depth training to understand all the capabilities of the platform and help you manage it effectively.

Training for your Account Admins will help you successfully roll-out your platform and get the most out of it going forward. You will understand;

  • The features and functionality
  • Ongoing management
  • How to get insights from reporting
Support Training

Training for Users

The people using your brand centre are your 'end-users'. We have built the platform to be as intuitive as possible but we do recommend providing some training to introduce the key concepts they will interact with.

Training to your end-users will help adoption of your platform. They will feel;

  • Supported in getting to grips with a new process and technology
  • Included and that their opinions matter

Training options

You can record the training and make it accessible afterwards so that new joiners can access the training at a later date.

If you want something more structured or tailored to different teams we can provide a bespoke training plans.

We make sure training sessions are engaging and useful for people giving up their time to attend.

Soldiers Charity

This is absolutely fantastic; all of my prayers have been answered. Just had a play around with it and it is really simple – it took two minutes to do what could normally take an hour.

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North East Region Soldiers Charity
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ABF Soldiers Charity example campaign poster

Effective training solutions

Getting the right training is vital to the success of your platform. No matter what your needs we can provide you with effective solutions and tools. Contact us about your training challenges.

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