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We believe that to create a truly inspired product requires the involvement of a diverse team. This is one of the reasons that at BrandStencil we foster an inclusive culture where any talented person is welcome. Not just because it creates a great product but because it fills the office with amazing people you just want to get to know.

The BrandStencil team

We’re on a mission to;

  • Empower individuals
  • Save time, money and reduce our impact on the planet
  • Improve workflow
  • Increase productivity

Not just through our brand management platform; in the workplace too.

Access expertise

When you choose BrandStencil, not only do you have access to the extensive expertise of the BrandStencil team but also the great minds creating digital tools at our sister company, Electric Putty.

Electric Putty

BrandStencil was originally developed and run by Electric Putty, an award-winning web development agency creating digital tools for the not for profit sector. They have created highly successful digital tools for the likes of Crohn's and Colitis, CourtNav, IBDUK and Bliss.

Although now two separate companies we continue to work together to create and deliver true value from our transformational digital tools.

BrandStencil and Electric Putty

Who we are

Annique - Marketing & Account Manager

With over 15 years of experience, I’m responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies. I split my time between marketing and account management, this helps me understand client needs and use this to inform marketing strategy. In my free time, I love to run along Brighton seafront with music pumping in my ears and the pavement beneath my feet. I revel in exploring the world around me and would love to explore the wilds of Africa on horseback.

Logan - Front End Developer

I’m a Developer at BrandStencil largely focused on template development with some application development. I have a keen interest in user experience-driven design and development and try to incorporate it into my work always trying to make the best possible experience for the people who use what I design and build. Outside of work I’m keen on anything that lets me blend creativity with technical skill; from cooking to photography and filmmaking.

Malcolm - Co-Founder: Technology

I’m the Technical Director and co-founder of Electric Putty and BrandStencil. At Electric Putty my role is to build and support our technical team and help them to deliver top-quality software projects for our clients. I’m the technical lead on BrandStencil and oversee the strategic development for the product. I'm an engineer at heart so I'm never very far from the code - nothing pushes my buttons like finding an elegant solution to a tricky technical problem. Living in Brighton I love the sea and swim all year round.

Melanie - Co-Founder: Business

I’m a Digital Strategist with a user experience background, for over 20 years I have been helping clients to develop digital products. I’ve run a successful web development agency for 16 years, managing and coaching the team as well as creating strong relationships with clients. In my spare time, I like to ramble around the lovely Sussex countryside with my family or go to the beach where I enjoy swimming in the sea. I’m an avid reader of fiction, I run a book club in my spare time where we only read books written by women who have a female protagonist.

Nadia - Project Manager

I’m an experienced Project Manager with more than 8 years experience successfully managing digital projects. Coming from an e-learning background, I made the smooth transition to SaaS to embrace new challenges. I manage our template creation projects, expertly guiding our clients through scoping, development and testing of each template to make sure it meets their needs. I’m currently on maternity leave, however, I catch up with the team on team outings when I can and look forward to getting back to the office soon.

Nicky - Project Manager

I’m an experienced Project Manager, managing multiple developers and projects through the studio. I have designer roots which makes me uniquely qualified to advise clients helping them to keep their designs flexible whilst getting the most from their templates. When I’m not at work I like to indulge my creative side with little design projects for myself or my family. I’m currently in the realm of interior design as we finish off renovating our 1930s house.

We love to work with like-minded clients who get involved when we invite them into our product process, challenging us with their ideas and input.

If you’re one of those people and you’re looking for a brand management platform run by people who know your name and welcome your input, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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