Our story

BrandStencil is brought to you by Electric Putty, a digital agency founded in 2004. We are experts in branded template management and web-to-print technology for charities.

We are on a mission to:

  • empower people across organisations to easily produce their own professional looking on-brand artwork
  • help comms people more productive by reducing their artwork management overheads
  • help organisations to use digital to change the way they work

We do this by constantly evolving and enhancing our template platform to be the best of its kind.

History of BrandStencil

In 2013 Electric Putty was commissioned to develop a number of brand centres as part of website projects. These brand hubs had web-editable templates which could be used to create posters, flyers and other customisable marketing and comms material.

We learned a lot during this process and could see the value the brand centres provided our clients so we decided to 'productise' the service and created BrandStencil.

We launched BrandStencil in 2014 with our first client, RSPB and will always be very grateful to them that they were willing to give this new start-up a try. Since then we have continued to grow and gain more clients across the charity and not for profit sector, and beyond.

Future of BrandStencil

Our plans are to continue to develop the platform and to pick up new clients along the way.

We regularly release new features as part of our roadmap or in response to client needs.

We intend to extend the integrations we have available with Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems so that our platform can be used in conjunction with existing software.

We also continue to focus on making beautifully simple, flexible on-brand templates that anyone can use.

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