Brands using the platform

We are proud to work with some amazing organisations. Scroll to see some examples of client designs made from our templates.

British Red Cross

Working with Brand Stencil throughout the last 6 months has been an enjoyable experience. They have helped and supported where required and have often gone above and beyond to get the job done. I cannot fault their positive can-do attitude.

We hope that the new platform will help with design capacity at the British Red Cross. It will help to take away some pressure caused by smaller jobs that can now be resolved through self-service. The enhanced system enables a smooth user journey and the ability for individuals to be more independent when creating content.

With the set but flexible templates, supported by the inbuilt artwork sign off process and access to reporting, we are also confident that both staff and volunteers at the British Red Cross can make materials that are always brand aligned with professional quality.

Lauren Doy
Senior Brand Executive, British Red Cross
General poster
Example of a British Red Cross general poster


Brand Stencil is a highly adaptive and innovative platform, which has allowed our organisation to better streamline our projects and create brand-safe content.

The team are always quick to respond and happy to support with different enquiries, ultimately ensuring that we can continue to develop and improve the resources available to our organisation.

Ella Duffy
Content Editor, CrimeStoppers
Instagram post
Example of a CrimeStoppers Instagram post with graphic

Teenage Cancer Trust

Since providing BrandStencil templates to staff across our organisation we've created a more direct avenue for them to produce on-brand collateral themselves, in the time it would normally take them to complete a request form for design team support. Thus allowing our design team to focus on priority projects. The BrandStencil team have been dedicated to making sure the platform delivered what we needed it to and worked hard to create seamless integration with our internal network.

James Robertson
Brand and Design Manager, Teenage Cancer Trust
Block text creator
Example of the Teenage Cancer Trust block headings


The simplicity and performance of the BrandStencil system is what appealed to us the most and we’ve had nothing but excellent feedback from our users.

It’s extremely important to us to have a consistent brand and experience across our UK-wide operations - without BrandStencil, this wouldn’t be quite so easy to achieve.

Jo Treverton
Intranet Channel Manager
DL leaflet - professional print
RSPB DL leaflet Page 1

Leonard Cheshire

“Working with the BrandStencil team has been a pleasure. They’ve provided us with a superb product underpinned by excellent service. It’s been great to tap into their knowledge, skills, patience and ability to think around problems and come up with practical solutions.

Greg Matthews
Head of Marketing , Leonard Cheshire
Campaign poster
Leonard Cheshire example campaign poster

Home-Start UK

Getting almost 200 independent small charities on board with a new brand is a real challenge. BrandStencil has been incredibly helpful in making our new visual identity easily accessible and adaptable to local Home-Starts. It’s given local teams a real sense of ownership of the new brand, which has been incredibly powerful.

Matt Hann
Head Of Communications, Home-Start UK
Business card
Foundation of the Home Start UK business card

Crohn's and Colitis UK

Brandstencil has really helped our networks of local volunteers to promote their activity via the online template and ensures that they are on brand with the charity. It’s a brilliant time saving tool which is easy and accessible to use and the option to download a JPEG to share on social media has been very popular.

Ben Shute
Volunteer Development Officer, Crohn's and Colitis UK
Events poster
Crohn's and Colitis UK example events poster

Tools not rules

Go beyond brand guidelines with smart flexible templates powered by the BrandStencil platform

Alzheimer's Society

Event poster


BrandStencil has allowed us to quickly and consistently build a strong visual brand across more than a hundred individual locations across England.

The ability to share and create resources online means that our network of small teams can produce bespoke publications in-house in a professional, creative way.

Sara Cain
Head of Communications Healthwatch England
Business card

Army cadets

The Army Cadet Force has had huge benefits from using BrandStencil.

Not only does it ensure consistency of branding and messaging across our 1700 detachments in every corner of the UK; it also makes like easier for our hard-pressed volunteers who no longer have the create their own leaflets and posters from scratch!

Melanie Bowran
Head of Marketing and Communications Army Cadet Force
Tri-fold leaflet
Army Cadet Force example tri-fold leaflet

Soldiers Charity

This is absolutely fantastic; all of my prayers have been answered. Just had a play around with it and it is really simple – it took two minutes to do what could normally take an hour.

BrandStencil user
North East Region Soldiers Charity
Campaign poster
ABF Soldiers Charity example campaign poster

Sussex Housing Care

“We’re pleased with our new templates on BrandStencil. Colleagues have been quick to understand the system and have enjoyed the flexibility of being creative yet still on-brand. They are also getting inspiration from each other by being able to share with the team. The BrandStencil team have been quick to answer questions, supportive and helped to successfully launch the new platform. Thank you!”

Lizzie Gurr
Communications & Engagement Officer, Sussex Housing & Care
Carehome newsletter
Example of Sussex Housing Care newsletter