Login integration

Integrate your BrandStencil platform with your existing identity provider and your users can access the platform without needing a separate log-in. An identity provider (IdP) is the service that your company uses to store and verify your user's identity.

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What are your options?

You can integrate with single or multiple identity providers, meaning entirely different user groups can access the platform. For example, central staff sign on through the intranet and volunteers through their volunteer portal. If you don’t want all users to have access your IT department can control this.

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How does it work?

Once set up you can include an access point for users through your intranet (or volunteer portal etc). Users who access the brand management platform in this manner will breeze onto the platform without needing to enter any further details. If a user accesses the platform without logging into the intranet first and instead goes directly to your platform URL we can add an ‘Easy login’ button to log them into your system first. It’s safe, simple and secure.

Intergrations SSO Benefits

What are the benefits?

  • No need to manually set up/delete every user
  • Your IT department has control which makes it more secure
  • Reduce the barrier to adoption
  • Users don’t need to remember another set of login details


Brand compliance across a federation can be a real challenge. BrandStencil helped us really improve this with some consistency with our visual brand. This has been very empowering for staff that have little brand or communications experience.

Ken Ryan
Communications Manager, Mind
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Example of a Mind Instagram social tile

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