Implementation service

We collaborate closely with you during the set-up process to configure your platform so it works best for your organisation's specific needs.

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Highly configurable solution

Our platform has been built from the ground up to be highly configurable so can be as adaptable and flexible as possible.

During the set-up process we will review all the configurations with you, agree a strategy for each and implement accordingly.

As your use of the platform scales over time we can revisit configurations to meet your changing needs.

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Our implementation process

Our five-step process has been crafted through years of experience in onboarding and engagement to ensure your set-up and configuration is as streamlined as possible.

  1. Discovery - Your business requirements, strategic objects, goals, brand challenges etc.
  2. Assessment - Your current brand material, who produces it and for what purpose?
  3. Definition - Finalising what options you’d like to add and finalising a list of templates
  4. Creation - We’ll create your templates and any optional integrations that you’ve chosen working closely with you each step of the way
  5. Training and launch - Even though this happens at the end we work with you on this from the beginning
Support Customise Benefits

Configuration benefits

You get a brand management solution that:

  • Meets business requirements and strategic objectives
  • Provides an effective solution for your brand challenges
  • Exceed ROI and expectation
  • Answers your brand challenges in unexpected ways
  • Increases user engagement and the success of the platform

Home-Start UK

Getting almost 200 independent small charities on board with a new brand is a real challenge. BrandStencil has been incredibly helpful in making our new visual identity easily accessible and adaptable to local Home-Starts. It’s given local teams a real sense of ownership of the new brand, which has been incredibly powerful.

Matt Hann
Head Of Communications, Home-Start UK
Business card
Foundation of the Home Start UK business card

Need more customisation?

We can go beyond configuration to create customised solutions that are unique to your organisation. We are development experts and can help. Get in touch to talk it through.

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