Streamlined ordering

Why make users download a design file that they need to send elsewhere to print, or have to go elsewhere to order merchandise/ready-made material? With our brand management tool, you can save time and create a one-stop-shop that suits your organisation.

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What are the options?

With BrandStencil you have a few options for procurement and fulfilment. The brand management platform offers;

  • Standard ordering system
  • Bespoke printer and/or fulfilment integration
  • Optional finance integration to automatically raise POs

What this means is that you can allow users to place single or multiple, print and/or ‘ready-made’ or ‘merchandise’ orders at the click of a button.

Intergrations Ordering standard

How does it work?

Standard ordering

Our standard ordering system allows users to fill out a standard order form and send it to a predefined email address. An email is sent to the recipient of the order which contains order details including a link to any designs for them to download. Simple.

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Bespoke ordering

If you want the system to go beyond emailing orders to a single destination you may want to consider a bespoke ordering solution. With this, you can integrate with your print or merchandise supplier's system to send orders directly from BrandStencil. You can combine both design print options with physical ready-to-use/merchandise products to build a single ordering destination for your users. The system can even automatically assign PO numbers.

Intergrations Ordering finance

Loop in finance

Free up your accounts department's time so they don’t need to chase a PO. A bespoke ordering integration can even integrate with your finance system. This means that your finance system will create POs each time an order is placed and attach it to the order.

Intergrations Ordering benefits

What are the benefits?

  • Streamline the ordering process by creating a single point of entry
  • Save time sending design orders directly from the point of creation
  • Understand users ordering activity with comprehensive reporting
Intergrations ordering additional benefits

Additional benefits of creating a bespoke ordering system

  • Add additional ordering form fields/elements that are unique to your organisation
  • Create print and ready-to-use/merchandise orders centrally and in one place
  • Automatically send orders to multiple destinations depending on the nature of the product
  • Loop in accounts and automatically assign PO numbers
  • Integrate with additional systems that you may need

British Red Cross

Working with Brand Stencil throughout the last 6 months has been an enjoyable experience. They have helped and supported where required and have often gone above and beyond to get the job done. I cannot fault their positive can-do attitude.

We hope that the new platform will help with design capacity at the British Red Cross. It will help to take away some pressure caused by smaller jobs that can now be resolved through self-service. The enhanced system enables a smooth user journey and the ability for individuals to be more independent when creating content.

With the set but flexible templates, supported by the inbuilt artwork sign off process and access to reporting, we are also confident that both staff and volunteers at the British Red Cross can make materials that are always brand aligned with professional quality.

Lauren Doy
Senior Brand Executive, British Red Cross
General poster
Example of a British Red Cross general poster

Read how British Red Cross manage theirs

We have numerous clients with ordering systems all with different objectives. Take a look at our case studies to read what's possible.

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