Integrating BrandStencil with ResourceSpace

Connect your DAM (Digital Asset Management) system to your BrandStencil templates

Effortlessly link your brand imagery directly from your digital customisable templates in BrandStencil.

Integrate BrandStencil with ResourceSpace and you can provide your team with the right brand images directly from your templates.

BrandStencil view of ResourceSpace

What is ResourceSpace?

ResourceSpace offers open source Digital Asset Management software that is a simple, & fast way to organise your digital assets. It can be personalised to your brand and allows you to store and manage an array of digital file formats including images, artwork, video, PDF and audio. It helps your teams find what they need quickly, collaborate and you can control user permissions, usage, approve user uploads, generate secure URLs for third party sharing and much more.

Inside ResourceSpace

How does it work with BrandStencil?

When your user clicks on ‘choose image’ from within your BrandStencil template you can show them images from your ResourceSpace folders. This can be a collection of folders or just one.

Our integrations with ResourceSpace?

We have integrated BrandStencil with ResourceSpace or charities including;

  • British Red Cross
  • Independent Age
  • Teenage Cancer Trust
  • WWT

Read more about the ResourceSpace integration with BrandStencil in our British Red Cross case study.

Learn more about ResourceSpace

To integrate with BrandStencil you will need to have a ResourcSpace DAM, or get one set up.

Visit ResourceSpace

How do I get it setup?

If you want to find out more about a ResourceSpace integration talk to us today and we can discuss your needs.