Order management

Do you spend a lot of time managing orders for branded material? You can automate a lot of that process with BrandStencil's order management.

People can order the designs they make, readymade print assets or merchandise, all within the same platform.

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Add to basket

Your users can browse all resources and add them to their shopping basket to build up their order and create a running total on cost.

You can add different variations for people to choose from like; print run sizes, pack sizes, clothing sizes, colour options. You can also manage expectations with always up to date turnaround times.

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Checkout form

When people are ready they can complete their order. Your order form is custom to your organisation. We'll make the form smart to improve accuracy so your team gets the information they need.

Orders can be sent to your team, or to your preferred supplier, just let us know.

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Orders reporting insights

No more spending time digging through emails to find details of what people have asked for. There is a full audit trail of orders made through the platform so you can easily manage any issues.

The reporting suite also gives handy insights to what people are ordering and quantities to help you manage budgets and supply chains going forward.

If you already have ordering set up on a different platform, consider consolidating this service into BrandStencil, so everyone knows where to go for all their branded collateral.

Fulfilment integration

If you are looking for an advanced, integrated order and fulfilment solution we can deliver. Learn more about automating fulfilment.

Automated fulfilment