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Smart features

Super smart templates

Our flexible templates help you;

  • Manage your brand
  • Control overall comms design
  • End those niggling brand mistakes that need to constantly be corrected
  • Boost campaign responsiveness
  • Manage your tone of voice
  • Automate content creation with custom data
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Brand guides

We bake your brand right into our brand management platform. By setting your brand assets, colours and fonts each template is dynamically created with this at the core.

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Custom theme

A successful brand management tool looks like your brand. Our custom themes integrate the platform seamlessly into your ecosystem. This increases adoption and supports your hard work.

Resource library

Brand asset management

Use our digital asset management system (DAM) to manage all your brand assets. Get them off your file server where no one can find anything and organise them in your new brand centre.

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An effectively created workflow can ease your and others' workload, they can also come in many different forms. Finding a brand management solution that works with your organisation is important.

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We know it's important to demonstrate return on investment. With our brand management platform, you get a comprehensive reporting tool built right in. It’ll help you prove your ROI.

Home-Start UK

Getting almost 200 independent small charities on board with a new brand is a real challenge. BrandStencil has been incredibly helpful in making our new visual identity easily accessible and adaptable to local Home-Starts. It’s given local teams a real sense of ownership of the new brand, which has been incredibly powerful.

Matt Hann
Head Of Communications, Home-Start UK
Business card
Foundation of the Home Start UK business card

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