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When you’ve made the investment and taken the time to set up your new brand management platform you need to know that you’re hitting your KPIs and getting that return on investment.

BrandStencil is as successful as you are so we want to reach and exceed your targets as much as you do. This is why we have a range of reporting tools so that you can effectively manage your brand management tools as you would any campaign.

Easy auditing for continuing success

As with anything, to create ongoing success you need to be able to monitor your resources and identify your champions so that you can effectively manage them through the life cycle. Within the BrandStencil platform, you can access tools that report on member activity, resources created and downloaded as well as others. You can apply filters and download CSV files for further offline analysis.

Measurable Top performers 01

Understanding your top performers

Understanding your top performers can boost the success of your platform. They can come in a couple of different guises;

  • Your user champions
    • Frequent users of the platform who can promote and help onboard others. They would also be a font of knowledge/ideas
  • The resources
    • Building an understanding of the demand for your resources over time will help you to see trends and gaps that may need to be filled, to inform ongoing management

British Red Cross

Working with Brand Stencil throughout the last 6 months has been an enjoyable experience. They have helped and supported where required and have often gone above and beyond to get the job done. I cannot fault their positive can-do attitude.

We hope that the new platform will help with design capacity at the British Red Cross. It will help to take away some pressure caused by smaller jobs that can now be resolved through self-service. The enhanced system enables a smooth user journey and the ability for individuals to be more independent when creating content.

With the set but flexible templates, supported by the inbuilt artwork sign off process and access to reporting, we are also confident that both staff and volunteers at the British Red Cross can make materials that are always brand aligned with professional quality.

Lauren Doy
Senior Brand Executive, British Red Cross
General poster
Example of a British Red Cross general poster

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