Digital Asset Management

Take advantage of BrandStencil's DAM to look after all your brand assets so they are all in one place, alongside your branded templates.

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Taking care of your brand imagery

When protecting your brand it’s important to ensure that users of the platform have access to suitable images as well as protecting copyright and consent. With the image library you can;

  • Restrict access
  • Disable downloads
  • Add photo credits
  • Input expiry dates
  • Link to image consent

If you wanted to you can even hide the images from users so that they can only access them through the digital templates that you choose.

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Not worth a DAM?
Resource library ready made assets

Delivering ready-made assets

Ready-made assets are a great way to deliver users brand assets and set designs that they can simply download and use. You can add the same parameters that are listed for imagery to your ready-made assets if required. You may even want to add an ordering element so that users can order merchandise and ready-made printed material.

Leonard Cheshire

“Working with the BrandStencil team has been a pleasure. They’ve provided us with a superb product underpinned by excellent service. It’s been great to tap into their knowledge, skills, patience and ability to think around problems and come up with practical solutions.

Greg Matthews
Head of Marketing , Leonard Cheshire
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Making life easier

There are many ways that you can make use of our resource library that will help you to deliver what your users need in a way that saves you time. If there is something that you need and would like to talk to us about it, get in touch, we’ll walk you through the platform and devise a solution to meet your needs.

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