Create and share designs or assets

Share direct to social media

Whether it's for a campaign, ongoing initiative or upcoming event encouraging your users to share their on brand designs or your assets on social media has never been easier.

Your end-users create their own design with your customisable on-brand template and share directly from the BrandStencil platform to Facebook or X (Twitter) with a couple of clicks, very easy and straightforward.

Or you can set up fixed assets, like campaign badges, calls to action or other marketing collateral to be shared in the same way.

You can give easy access to these templates or assets by making them publicly available, no sign up or log in to the platform is needed, helping to reduce drop out rates.

Or, keep them behind your login, you choose what's best for your needs.

Here's an example from Alzheimers' Society

Looking for a social media led campaign?

Visit Buzz website

Check out Buzz, our social posters platform. It runs on the same robust BrandStencil technology but is built for social campaigning.