BrandStencil product overview and features

BrandStencil is a platform where everyone connected with your organisation can instantly create on‐brand, customised artwork from templates. BrandStencil protects the investment you’ve made in your brand and saves your people time and money every day.

Flexible branded templates with smart logic

The smart logic built into every template makes it quick and intuitive to create on-brand artwork in moments. Your branded templates are a perfect combination of flexibility and control; flexibility to create professional, sophisticated artwork in a controlled environment that locks down and protects your valuable brand identity.

BrandStencil has been developed to be ‘beautifully simple’. The experience has been crafted to ensure that almost no training is required to make your customised design.

Download and export options

It’s not one size fits all with how you want people to download their designed material. You can allow people to download in the best file format for their needs; PDFs, Word docs or JPEGs.

You can also specify different print or digital sizes in the same template, choosing a print size is as simple as clicking a button.

Print and order professional artwork

BrandStencil doesn't tie you into a print provider so your teams can take advantage of existing relationships with local printers. They can easily download print ready PDFs from the platform.

You can set up an centralised ordering system with your own provider if you wish. Orders can be sent by email or directly by integrating with your supplier's system.

Secure storage for your brand imagery

Is your image storage a bit of a mess? Take advantage of BrandStencil's simple image library to make your branded images available for download. You can carefully curate images to be available right inside your templates too.

If you've already got image storage sorted and are using a Digital Asset Management system (DAM) we can integrate with that instead. See more on integrations.

Impactful, on-message images are a vital part of your brand, so you can curate a set of images for your team to choose from on each template.

Download ready-made assets

Your average team member won't need to download brand assets as they are built into the smart templates. But you'll want easy access for those one-off custom designs.

Store all the assets in the library for easy download and categorise them so it's super quick to find what you need.

Manage workflow and permissions

External partners don't need to see your internal comms material. Different departments will need access to different templates. You can define which teams have access to any templates or ready-to-use material.

You'll want to check some people's designs too so you can make people or templates 'managed' which means you'll need approve them before they are downloaded.

Customise your platform

Your BrandStencil account has been designed to have a minimal interface so it doesn’t clash with your brand identity. Within the standard settings you can customise your BrandStencil account with your logo, hero image and header background colour. You can also use your own copy across the account.

If you want to further match your brand identity we can create a custom theme which will update all the interface elements with your colour palette and font. Find out more about set-up and configuration options.

Available anywhere

Any part of your platform can be embedded in a website or another application. You can have one template on a webpage or the entire hub can be open and publicly accessible. Find out more about installations.

BrandStencil has allowed us to quickly and consistently build a strong visual brand across more than a hundred individual locations across England. The ability to share and create resources online means that our network of small teams can produce bespoke publications in-house in a professional, creative way.

Sara Cain
Head of Communication, HealthWatch England

You’ve got your brand guidelines but how do you get people to use them?

Example artwork is great, but branded templates are even better. Put your brand to work with a BrandStencil template hub.

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Expert help and support right from the start

The success of your platform depends on staff and external users actually using the service to create on-brand artwork.

We are dedicated to helping you build a platform and templates that people will enjoy using. This starts from set up and continues beyond launch with our help and support process. Find out more about our help and support service.

Keep track of usage to grow engagement

Reporting helps you keep track of what people are making, so you can commission new templates intelligently and avoid wastage . You can also track your users' activity, so nobody's hard work goes unnoticed.

Hosted secure solution

BrandStencil is a software as a service solution (SaaS) which means there are no hosting requirements, you use a web browser and an internet connection to access the application and your stored content.

We have rock solid, secure hosting with 99% uptime and continuous system and performance monitoring. Find out more about how we keep your data secure.

Our clients make all sorts of artwork from our templates from posters to placemats.

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