Getting started with artwork automation - part 2

19th June 2019

In this post we give you four questions to ask to evaluate whether you need to transform how you manage artwork production .

Before you start on the road to automation you need to evaluate whether it’s right for you and your organisation.

Ask yourself these questions;

  • Do you need it?
  • Is it worth it?
  • Are there other benefits?
  • Can you do it?

1. Do you need it?

Can you establish a real need for sharing creation of material across your organisation?

  • People working across different locations or in lots of teams.
  • Enough people who want or need to make things across your organisation
  • A small team just about coping with managing artwork creation right now. Or artwork creation is already distributed to other teams but is frequently off-brand
  • Limited in-house design skills. Or, design skills are being wasted on low level work when they should be used on creative, strategic work.
  • A new brand which will require training on how to use it effectively.

2. Is it worth it?

Even if you need it can you justify the investment of time and resources?

  • How many things currently being made?
  • How many things would you like to or need to be made?
  • How much time are you using at the moment either producing materials and artwork in your team or overseeing and approving designs made in other teams?
  • How much does the current situation cost you? Think about licence fees for design software and training as well as outsourcing or contractor costs.

3. What other benefits will it bring?

Once you’ve established the quantifiable ROI you can assess the other less quantifiable benefits.

  • Increase workforce ownership of brand identity by helping people feel confident using it.
  • Empower people to become a creator rather than a requester who relies on you for artwork.
  • Protect the brand value by stopping people making 'contra-brand' - totally off-brand designs.
  • Increase external brand awareness as people are making more consistent marketing material.

4. Can you do it?

Finally, you know you need it, it’s worth it, you are convinced of other benefits but can you actually do it?.

  • You have time to do it Don’t underestimate that commitment, as with any digital transformation projects you need to invest time to get the most out of it.
  • You have time to manage the roll-out getting everyone on-board and engaged
  • Your brand is ready and you aren't planning a re-brand or re-positioning anytime soon.
  • You have budget to do it through the savings you will make or by going cross-organisation to get joint budgets.

Getting started with artwork automation - part 3

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