Getting started with artwork automation - part 1

19th June 2019

In this post we will answer questions about what it is and why you should care

What is artwork automation?

  • Artwork automation is the process and systems used to automate the creation of branded materials.
  • This is usually done through creating a set of branded templates which are used to create customised artwork.
  • With most artwork automation systems you have the ability to set permissions, workflow and how the artwork will be used, e.g. downloaded, sent for printing professionally or ordered.

There are many names and flavours of what I’m calling ‘artwork automation’ including;

  • Brand management
  • Web to print
  • Artwork automation
  • Print on demand
  • Template hub
  • Content creation

Artwork automation benefits for your organisation (aka the business case)

What are the compelling reasons for your organisation to adopt artwork automation?

Increase productivity

  • through reduction of bottlenecks in approving or making designs
  • reduced reliance on external suppliers
  • new artwork can be made from a template in minutes

Empowered workforce

  • through being able to create artwork themselves
  • Improved satisfaction as making artwork becomes an enjoyable experience

Protect brand value

  • through strong, consistent identity
  • promote the brand with more visibility of branded material through increased creation of artwork

Three benefits for you and your team

  1. Stop doing simple, repeatable, labour intensive tasks
  2. Distribute tasks amongst workforce with user self service
  3. Free up time to be more productive on strategic, expert tasks

For example, you can stop ...

making minute text changes to event posters, creating business cards for each new starter or making countless email footers for every new initiative. Sounds good, right?

Credit: blog post listing photo by Tony Hand on Unsplash

Getting started with artwork automation - part 2

In this post we give you four questions to ask to evaluate whether you need to transform how you manage artwork production .

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