Digital transformation: how other charity organisations have used digital to transform their brand (part 2)

14th July 2020

We’re back and talking about digital transformation in the charity sector. Last time we spoke about how other charity organisations have used digital externally to transform their brand, so this time we’re going to take a look at what changes organisations have made internally to drive forward their brand delivery with digital transformation.

If you haven't read part 1 you can find the blog post here: Digital transformation: how other charity organisations have used digital to transform their brand.

As a charity brand platform we work closely with some of the UK’s biggest charities so let’s take a look at what we can learn from them.

Implement tools in-house to streamline process

Introducing new tools into a business can be tricky, there’s budget to think about, user engagement, onboarding. Is anyone going to use it if you get it (something we looked at in our recent blog ‘How to increase internal engagement with your digital tools’). But one thing we do know is that these tools are key to digital transformation and they should be introduced for one purpose only: to make your employees' lives easier. If people can see a tangible change and it's onboarded effectively it can be a great step forward.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Keeping your brand assets in order and helping employees to find the right ones when they need them can be a constant battle. Is it on their desktop or buried deep in a filing system they don’t have access to?

Providing these assets and images in an easy, manageable manner can not only make your employee’s life easier but it’s certain to help you with brand consistency; making sure people are using the right assets as and when they need them.

This is where a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system comes in.

This sophisticated system allows you to upload, manage and distribute assets in one place, meaning no more sending files back and forth via email or trying to locate the up to date versions. You can create a shared folder structure that can be accessed from anywhere and set permissions so your employees can find what they need easily and quickly, without needing help from the marketing team. However, even with a DAM in place you can still find off-brand material being made, even with brand assets supplied. That’s why linking it up to something like a template tool can transform your brand even further.

Asset Bank inside a BrandStencil template

Our client Leonard Cheshire work with our partner Asset Bank and have gone that step further by integrating their DAM into our brand template platform. This makes it easy for people to get the images they need when making designs. This not only keeps their material on-brand but means local team members can own their creative and feel empowered by choosing their own image. The marketing team at Leonard Cheshire have also further streamlined this process by showing only relevant folders from Asset Bank in different BrandStencil templates, so their users can browse through and be creative while the marketing team can relax knowing the images on offer are optimised for that design.

Other popular DAMs we’ve worked with include ResourceSpace and Third Light, but if you already have a DAM and want to use the assets to make artwork we can help.

Template tools

As a charity brand platform we are obviously going to mention template tools as another way to help transform your brand management process through digital transformation. Using a template tool can streamline your artwork production process and empower your employees company-wide.

Our clients Mind use our template tool to encourage local teams and volunteers to create their own pieces of artwork, keeping it on-brand and saving their marketing/comms team time and design budget. They also allow teams to share artwork between themselves, so they are constantly encouraging creativity, and ‘self-service’ as well as saving even more time between teams.

You can also use templates to help fundraising activities, our clients Teenage Cancer Trust use BrandStencil to empower their fundraising team, creating banner templates, email headers, social media tiles and google ad templates so they have everything they need quickly for their campaigns. This frees up their design team and stops any bottlenecks that occur in-house, contributing to a happier workforce and quicker distribution of fundraising assets

Template tools can help you:

  • Empower your employees to create their own artwork and really be proud of it
  • Reduce design costs in-house and save time
  • Keep brand consistency across all platforms (online & offline)
  • Increase your marketing output
  • Encourage more fundraising / campaign activities by creating public templates
  • And loads more!

By looking at real-life examples internally and externally we can learn how organisations within the charity sector are transforming their brand and making their employees’ lives easier in the process. Digital transformation is the future so even though the road may be bumpy we do need to embrace it, and learn from others what may work for ourselves.

If you haven’t already, don't forget to check out part 1 on how you can transform your brand with external digital transformation.