How to increase internal engagement with your digital tools

30th April 2020

Digital transformation is the buzzword on everyone’s lips. From marketers to operations, everyone in the charity sector is thinking about what they can do to bring their organisation into the 21st century and make sure those pennies are not wasted. And then you’ve got to think about how to actually get people to use any digital tools you introduce!

It gives you an opportunity to find your digital champion; that one person (or group of people) that say ‘I love this product because of X, Y and Z - you should really use it!’ and we all know that that recommendation is priceless.
Listening to this and offering continuous improvements will be the key to keeping your users engaged with your internal tool.

Getting users to engage with your internal tool can seem like a daunting task but remember the success of the tool depends on the people who use it. Make sure they are the center of your reasoning and the core focus for all your marketing activity around and you can’t go wrong!