Training services

Product owner training is provided as part of your set-up package to help you get the most from your BrandStencil platform. We also offer a range of additional training services.

Product Owner training

Product owners are the people who will manage the platform within your organisation. They are usually the ones who will manage new templates and field enquiries from creators.

Our training for product owners helps them customise the system for their needs, understand the features to maximise the benefits and learn how to gain insights through reporting. This is an in-depth 1.5 hour tailored session provided remotely using screen share.

Provided as part of the setup and configuration of your platform.

Creator training

Creators are the end-users of your platform, usually your staff, volunteers and people in federated organisations. They are the people who will use the system to make things.

BrandStencil has been developed to be ‘beautifully simple’ so that almost no training is needed by end-users to create materials. This saves you money in rolling out BrandStencil across your organisation, and helps get buy-in from your staff to use it.


We can run a webinar to demonstrate how to create artwork from templates and navigate the system.

We recommend that your Product Owners take part in the webinar to explain the reasons for your organisation using BrandStencil. This should outline the value and benefits to the employees as well as the organisation as a whole. The webinar can be recorded to be made available to anyone who was unable to attend the session.

Video tutorials

We can create a set of video tutorials using your platform for end-users (creators) to learn how to create artwork from templates and navigate the system. These are created using your themed platform and your own templates so we usually make them post or very close to launch.

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Our friendly team can talk you through the options. If you have something different in mind let us know, we can tailor the training service to your needs.

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