Template development

Turn your marketing material and artwork into super flexible templates

We offer a customised service to create templates you can use in your BrandStencil account. We will work closely with you to create templates that are really easy to use with minimal training.

BrandStencil templates put your brand to work

The process

1. Define

Scope template & agree artwork

2. Create

Make template in BrandStencil

3. Test

Test & feedback amendments

4. Deliver

Final changes and deliver for use in platform

Templates are a perfect combination of flexibility and control and the smart logic built into every template makes it quicker and intuitive to create complex artwork in moments.

Time to Change

Using BrandStencil has added a whole new dimension to how supporters can challenge stigma around mental illness. Rather than just using the one-size-fits-all approach of creating materials and sending them out to supporters, now they can edit and create their own, reflecting where in the country they are, what environment they’re campaigning in, and what their specific goals are.

Seb Baird
Digital Officer, Time to Change
Screen wallpaper

Templatise your brand

Send us your artwork and we will give you ideas on how to turn your design into a flexible template.