Integrate with your existing business tools to streamline your processes.

BrandStencil has an API to easily connect with your systems. Here's some of the integration services we offer.

Single Sign On integration

Integrate with your existing CRM or Intranet to allow users to access BrandStencil with their existing system logins. You can integrate with multiple identity providers, meaning entirely different user groups can access the platform. For example, central staff sign on through the intranet and volunteers through their volunteer portal.

Image Library integration

Integrate with your Image Library to allow Creators to access images right when they need them inside a template. Once the integration is set up you can curate images to make them available for templates whilst maintaining the user's Image Library permissions.

We've already integrated with:

Fulfilment system integration

Integrate with your print or merchandise supplier's system to send orders directly from BrandStencil.

Website integration

We can embed individual templates or template collections on your website either with a login or publicly accessible. Not strictly an integration but to end users the experience will feel seamless. To see an example visit Time To Change's website.

Want a different kind of integration?

Talk to us about what you want to do, we are experts in connecting systems and integration so will be able to help you.