Smart template features

Everyone can make on brand designs every time, in a snap.

BrandStencil uses web technology to create incredibly ‘smart’ templates with built-in features to help your brand shine.

Template options

  • Design features

    Showcase your brand consistently

  • Content features

    Add text within agreed content parameters

  • Output features

    Get artwork in the size and file type you need

Read more about each feature below

Design features

  • Select colour palettes to update colour scheme
  • Choose different brand themes
  • Select images from an image library and / or upload your own image
  • Choose different layouts for pages

Content features

  • Add text with different field types and formatting
  • Make multilingual templates in any language
  • Create multi-page / sided documents
  • Use external data to populate content in templates

Output features

  • Make PDFs, JPEGS, Word docs and more
  • Choose a professional print option with crop/bleed
  • Output artwork in a range of different paper and digital sizes

You can create a huge number of variations in design, content and output from one template with the enhanced logic we can build in using these smart features.

Here's some examples of how we can configure templates to:

  • automatically respond to the user by knowing their team or role assignment and presenting appropriate options
  • pull in live data so information is never out of date
  • have multiple levels of branching logic, so as the user makes one selection others respond and multiple elements in the layout update automatically
  • Give options for different layouts, colours and themes - all in the same template.

Template creation is a custom, personal service to ensure templates are as intuitive and smart as possible so you get the most out of them.

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