Why automate your artwork?

There are many names and types of what we’re calling ‘artwork automation’. Some of these are below.

A Lucidpress survey found that a huge 68% of organisations stated brand consistency contributed to between a 10% - 20%+ increase in business revenue (Lucidpress). That alone is reason enough.

Artwork automation

Automation of the entire process from creation, to approval, to download/print and everything in between.

Brand management

The process of maintaining brand consistency across branded materials no matter which team is producing the artwork.

Content creation

Creating any form of content (copy, images, video etc) for use in marketing materials, such as websites, reports, newsletters, and more.

Print on demand

Enables you to print artwork when it’s required in the quantity it’s needed, often without a minimum order limit.

Template hub (brand management tool)

This online software hosts digital, customisable templates that any authorised user can access to create on-brand material.

Web to print

Enable ordering of printed products online directly with your print provider.

Advantages of artwork automation

Increase productivity - getting people working, and working well!

Users can:

  • Create new artwork from a template in minutes.

  • Remove annoying bottlenecks in approving or creating designs.

  • Reduce your reliance on external suppliers.

Did you know that 64% of creative teams spend at least 5-10 hours each week on mundane content and edit requests? (Lucidpress). Artwork automation can reduce that time substantially!

Empower internal teams - give each individual freedom and flexibility so they can get to work!

  • Team members can take the initiative and confidently create their own artwork.

  • Improve work satisfaction as creating artwork becomes more stress-free and enjoyable.

Around 30% of businesses state that brand guidelines are only followed selectively? (Lucidpress). By using a brand management platform, you can make it so your team cannot stray from your brand.

Protect your brand - protect that all-important brand identity!

  • Use templates to ensure that users adhere to brand styles.

  • Build a strong, consistent brand identity through access to a range of templates.

A study by Demand Metric found that organisations who consistently present their brand are 3.5 times more likely to have excellent brand visibility than those who don’t (smallbizgenius).

How it eases YOUR workload

  1. Stop doing simple, repeatable, labour-intensive tasks from scratch.

  2. Distribute artwork creation amongst internal teams with user self-service.

  3. Free up time to be more productive and spend more time on strategic, expert tasks.

For example, you can stop:

  • Making minute text changes to event posters.

  • Creating business cards for each new starter.

  • Making countless email footers for every new initiative.

Sounds good, right?

Why use a brand management platform over a design tool?