BrandStencil saves you time, saves your organisation money, and ensures all communication material is created completely on brand

Here's how we make looking after your brand so simple...

Turn your organisation’s marketing material into reusable branded templates to save money and cut out approvals

Your designs can be accessed on your own web portal by anyone in your team. We take all the hassle out of material creation by making only the necessary fields editable. This means your team can quickly and simply add content to designs that are already approved and on brand.

Define key messaging to stop it becoming diluted

We'll help you decide which fields should be static, free text or a drop-down select of your key messages. Do you always write your titles in capitals for impact? Should your standfirst always stand out in bold? You can even control the formatting options.

We know impactful, on-message images are a vital part of your brand, so we let you define a set of images for your team to choose from on each template.

Store all your branded material and assets in one place for stress-free access

Make all your material available in your brand management hub, ready to use or editable. Collaboration is easy, with access to saved material. You can categorise into logos, stationery, posters, flyers, leaflets, business cards... whatever you like!

Managing your brand across various teams can get complicated! Let BrandStencil clear things up with access permissions and workflow

External partners don't need to see your internal comms material. Different departments will need different designs or sub-brands. You can define which teams have access to any templates, ready-to-use material and assets.

How do you know what new material is needed by your different teams and departments? Reporting helps you keep track of what's popular, so you can commission designs intelligently and avoid wastage

You can also track your users' activity, so nobody's hard work goes unnoticed.


Happy customers

The simplicity and performance of the BrandStencil system is what appealed to us the most and we've had nothing but excellent feedback from our users.

It's extremely important to us to have a consistent brand and experience across our UK-wide operations - without BrandStencil, this wouldn't be quite so easy to achieve.

Jo Treverton
Intranet Channel Manager


BrandStencil has allowed us to quickly and consistently build a strong visual brand across more than a hundred individual locations across England.

The ability to share and create resources online means that our network of small teams can produce bespoke publications in-house in a professional, creative way.

Sara Cain
Head of Communications
Healthwatch England

Healthwatch England

The Army Cadet Force has had huge benefits from using BrandStencil.

Not only does it ensure consistency of branding and messaging across our 1700 detachments in every corner of the UK; it also makes life easier for our hard-pressed volunteers who no longer have to create their own leaflets and posters from scratch!

Melanie Bowran
Head of Marketing and Communications
Army Cadet Force

Army Cadet Force

Having managed brands and digital assets across all sectors for over 10 years, this is the best product I’ve seen, hands down.

It’s simple for everyone to use – no IT or design skills required – and brings an end to the many frustrating and wasted hours spent editing and approving branded documents.

Daniel Sweeting
Web and Digital Manager
Princess Alice Hospice

Princess Alice Hospice

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