Your brand styles set in stone

The purpose of investing in a brand management solution is to protect your brand so you want to make sure that the solution you chose hits the mark.

BrandStencil protects your brand on several levels. It can help safeguard your brand by allowing us to bake your brand styles directly into your BrandStencil platform. All you need to do is give us your brand guidelines.

Brand styles What are they

What are brand styles?


When you come on board as a client one of the first things that we do is to set your;

  • Logos
  • Fonts (including all language fonts if required)
  • Colours
  • Branded iconography (if required)


There may be some more advanced challenges that you’re facing, for example;

  • You’re a global organisation/federated charity with many local hubs each with their own;
    • Logo
    • Company number/Charity number
    • Contact details
    • Maybe they each have a different secondary colour
    • Language - some languages require a different font
  • You have different colour palettes users need to use for internal and external comms
  • There is a brand device that is integral to the brand, for example, the red highlighter for British Red Cross
  • You have a specific header type that is difficult for users to reproduce outside of design software, for example, Teenage Cancer Trust
  • There are specific Photographic styles defined in the brand

BrandStencil can help you manage all these effortlessly.

Brand styles Brand guide 03

Brand guide

We will create a Brand Guide in your system which would display an easy-to-navigate record of the logos, colours, fonts etc that you have in the brand management tool. If you choose you can ask us to surface your BrandStencil brand guide in your platform as a reference for users.

This gives you a visual of the colours and other elements that your customized templates are drawing from so you can be sure your brand is secure.

Army cadets

The Army Cadet Force has had huge benefits from using BrandStencil.

Not only does it ensure consistency of branding and messaging across our 1700 detachments in every corner of the UK; it also makes like easier for our hard-pressed volunteers who no longer have the create their own leaflets and posters from scratch!

Melanie Bowran
Head of Marketing and Communications Army Cadet Force
Tri-fold leaflet
Army Cadet Force example tri-fold leaflet

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