What you can create

You can create a template from almost any design and what our developer wizards can do increases on a daily basis. Below is a taster of the digital smart templates that you can have in your platform.

If it’s not on the list, get in touch, we’re sure we can create that too.

  • Print templates

  • Templates for social media and digital distribution

For all occasions including;

  • Events

  • Fundraising

  • Marketing - digital, social media and print

  • Stationary

  • Training

And much more…

Create your own Digitial template elements 01

Digital template elements

No one likes differing brand interpretations, rogue fonts or wandering logos. This is why our brand management tool offers you multiple ways to give your audience the freedom to create their own designs from templates whilst ensuring that they stay on-brand.

Free your inbox of those niggling design requests and tweaks. Use some or all of the following elements to create your perfect templates taking control with a few easy steps.

Create your own Design 01


We understand that although you want to have more control over your brand you don’t want all the designs to look the same. To enable you to offer this choice we’ve developed several design options;

  • Offer preset colour palettes for users to update the colour scheme
  • Enable a choice of different brand themes
  • Provide a choice of design layouts within one digital template
  • Link to select images in your image library or DAM and/or allow users to upload their own images

Are you tight on design capacity? Take advantage of our design service.

Create your own Content


It’s not just the design elements that you want to lockdown. You want some control over the content too;

  • Allow users to input and modify editable text with text fields and preset formatting options
  • Use external data to auto-populate template content based on a simple choice allowing you to;
    • Control tone of voice by having preset headings and subheadings
    • Have tailored content based on the audience
    • And much more…
  • Create templates that can be used for global audiences by allowing users to create multilingual digital templates
  • Generate multi-page/sided documents and digital resources

Take a look at what some of our clients have created.

Create your own Output


  • Output artwork for digital and print, create PDFs, JPEGS, PNG’s Word docs and more
  • Choose a true CMYK professional print option with crop/bleed
  • Output artwork in a range of different paper and digital sizes

Take it one step further with enhanced logic

You can create a huge number of variations in design, content and output from one template with the enhanced logic we can build in, using these smart features. Here are some examples of how we can configure templates to:

  • Automatically respond to the user by knowing their team or role assignment and presenting appropriate options
  • Pull in live data so information is never out of date
  • Have multiple levels of branching logic, so as the user makes one selection others respond and multiple elements in the layout update automatically
  • Give options for different layouts, colours and themes - all in the same template

Template creation is a custom, personal service that we take you through to ensure that you get the most out of your digital templates. Your success is our success so we want to make sure that you're hitting your key objectives.

Teenage Cancer Trust

Since providing BrandStencil templates to staff across our organisation we've created a more direct avenue for them to produce on-brand collateral themselves, in the time it would normally take them to complete a request form for design team support. Thus allowing our design team to focus on priority projects. The BrandStencil team have been dedicated to making sure the platform delivered what we needed it to and worked hard to create seamless integration with our internal network.

James Robertson
Brand and Design Manager, Teenage Cancer Trust
Block text creator
Example of the Teenage Cancer Trust block headings

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