Making workflow easier

BrandStencil has several workflows built-in to make your and your user's work-life easier;

  • Managing the lifecycle of your resources
  • Inspiring and collaborating on designs
  • Managing your approval process
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Effectively manage your resources

As your resources move through their lifecycle you want to easily see where everything is. This is why we have simple, easy-to-use tools that give you a clear view. It’s easy to see the wood for the trees.

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Things are better shared. Sometimes users like to work together and get a little inspiration from their colleagues. With the BrandStencil brand management platform, there’s a simple way for users to share their work and inspire other team members.

Workflow taking the hard work

Taking the hard work out of your approval process

The sign-off process is necessary but can be onerous. Simplify it, allow users to submit approval at the click of a button and automate the process. No more emails with attachments that can be lost track of or get buried in your inbox. By keeping the process clear you can keep your inbox clear.


BrandStencil has allowed us to quickly and consistently build a strong visual brand across more than a hundred individual locations across England.

The ability to share and create resources online means that our network of small teams can produce bespoke publications in-house in a professional, creative way.

Sara Cain
Head of Communications Healthwatch England
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See the possibilities

With a quick demonstration, you can see just how simple it is.

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