Create a custom look

According to our research successful brand management platforms look like your brand. You’ll achieve higher user engagement with a platform that seamlessly integrates with your organisation's ecosystem like a chameleon.

This is why this is included as part of the initial platform setup.

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What is a custom theme?

We take your BrandStencil platform and update its look and feel so that it uses all the required brand elements. All we need is your website URL and brand guidelines and our developers will work their magic.

Once it’s finished you’ll be supplied with a link to proof the finished product and have one round of feedback if you feel that you’d like any tweaks.

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The benefits of a custom theme

  • It integrates seamlessly with your ecosystem so your users won’t feel like they’re on an external site

  • It makes initial launch and adoption easier

  • Our research shows that you’ll achieve higher user engagement*

  • It reinforces your brand and brand values

  • It creates a more meaningful experience

* Please note that it doesn’t replace a proper rollout and continuing communications plan


The simplicity and performance of the BrandStencil system is what appealed to us the most and we’ve had nothing but excellent feedback from our users.

It’s extremely important to us to have a consistent brand and experience across our UK-wide operations - without BrandStencil, this wouldn’t be quite so easy to achieve.

Jo Treverton
Intranet Channel Manager
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Take a peek at some examples

Witness for yourself what you can do with a brand management platform makeover on one of our walkthroughs.

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