BrandStencil Changelog

This is a summary of new features, bug fixes and improvements made to BrandStencil with each release. The updates are listed in reverse chronological order (the most recent is listed first).


V2.0.0 [10/11/2017]

  • [Enhancement] Upgrded underlying framework to Laravel 5.5
  • [Enhancement] Upgraded to PHP 7
  • [Enhancement] Major refactoring of core application code
  • [Enhancement] Image and PDF generation performance boosting with smart caching and introduction of libvips 
  • [Enhancement] Extended Single Sign On framework
  • [Enhancement] Image library now supports auto generation of low res version of all images
  • [Bug] Fixed collection image permissions check
  • [Bug] Fix issue where Safari would not accept Cookies from embedded BrandStencil

V1.3.4 [20/10/2017]

  • [Enhancement] Added a new ‘clear_if’ option to fields in template YAML so the value of a field can be cleared based on the values of other fields
  • [Enhancement] Updated conditional question logic to give AND operators a higher precedence than OR operators

V1.3.2 [18/07/2017]

  • [Enhancement] Enhanced reporting to provide extra data, separate format reports and sortable columns
  • [Bug] Fixed ‘back’ link error caused by Chrome no longer respecting referrer header

V1.3.1 [06/06/2017]

  • [Enhancement] Updated security with introduction of Content Security Policy headers
  • [Enhancement] Added ability to give repeating rows a label so the calls to action can be customised
  • [Housekeeping] Refactored account creation code into its own service

V1.3 [12/04/2017]

  • [Enhancement] Created ‘Collections’ entity
  • [Enhancement] Added ability to activate Image Library at account level
  • [Enhancement] Added ability to define a Collection as an image source in a LiveCreate template
  • [Enhancement] Added ability to define which binary to use when rendering a LiveCreate template
  • [Enhancement] Added keyword search to users list
  • [Enhancement] Added faceted filtering to resource listing on embeddable version
  • [Enhancement] Updated format icons
  • [Housekeeping] Abstracted MakeImage() and MakePDF() methods to be binary agnostic

V1.2 [28/03/2017]

  • [Enhancement] Updated LiveCreate workflow to enable all users to ‘Save as draft’
  • [Enhancement] Updated LiveCreate workflow so existing Saved Materials can now be edited as well as copied
  • [Enhancement] Updated Reporting, Saved Materials and Awaiting approval lists to display current status of resource
  • [Enhancement] Updated download control where Resource is available in multiple formats so use can select from a dropdown
  • [Housekeeping] Refactored the Saved Materials list and the Download view

V1.1.19 [16/03/2017]

  • [Enhancement] Updated show/hide field behaviour to work with select inputs
  • [Enhancement] Changed the way multi-page Print Previews are displayed to use a full screen modal
  • [Housekeeping] Re-factored LiveCretePaging JavaScript
  • [Bug] Fixed issue where is_first_login property for some users created via the UsersController was not correctly set
  • [Bug] Fixed error in Gulp clean tasks

V1.1.18 [20/02/2017]

  • [Enhancement] Created ‘Connector’ framework to enable access to external sources for images in LiveCreate
  • [Enhancement] Created connector for ThirdLight image library

  Change log starts at V1.1.17