Third Light DAM integration

11th May 2017

BrandStencil now seamlessly integrates with Third Light media library. This means you can browse and use images from your Third Light platform when making artwork with a template in BrandStencil.

With the integration enabled you can launch Third Light’s media browser from within BrandStencil. Clever permissions between the two systems allow you to only browse images that you have the approval to use, and are the right size and aspect ratio for the BrandStencil template.

Third Light’s easy to use, built-in crop tool means you can guarantee that the image you choose is the perfect fit.

Zoom and crop your image to fit the template

Being able to do all this so easily means you can maximise the way you use both platforms.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer BrandStencil customers a seamless integration with Third Light. Their flexible integration tools have enabled us to create an effortless workflow where users can browse, select and crop their Third Light images all from within the BrandStencil interface. With a single click, the chosen image is dropped into their BrandStencil template ready for download as a print-ready PDF or share ready image.

Malcolm Elsworth
Director of Technology at BrandStencil said:

“Working with BrandStencil to deliver a solution like this is great for the client because they get two very specialised pieces of software seamlessly working together in one user interface. Third Light’s API allows developers to build custom developments with one or more pieces of software, so we can deliver tailored, multi-functional, end-to-end solutions for our customers. Integrating services in this way also minimises the complexity of a project for the customer, as well as the number of solutions and suppliers they need to deal with.”

Roland Henry
Third Light’s Commercial Director

Curious to find out more?

If you’re already using Third Light and you want to integrate it with your BrandStencil account, or if you want to find out more about what BrandStencil can do, then please contact us.