That's a wrap!

9th December 2021

What a year 2021 has been.

We find ourselves at the end of the year and we’re not sure where that time went. As with last year, it’s been another interesting one.

Client success

At BrandStencil HQ we’ve been busy. In the face of adversity our clients are shining through and our increased workload is a tribute to how hard they’re working to help those in need.

They’ve been busy;

  • Creating over 24,500 designs
    • Roughly saving more than a whopping 490 weeks work!! (Imagine what your designer can do with all that time or the budget you can save)
  • Downloading more than 39,000 pieces of saved artwork
  • Commissioning 137 templates up over 30% on the previous year

We salute you!

Celebrating our clients' work in 2021

We’ve also helped many clients through rebranding their platform, keeping budgets down. It’s interesting (but not surprising) to see a growing trend of digital first rebrands.

Utilisation of social media templates for Facebook/Twitter/Instagram posts, stories and carousels have skyrocketed this year being the clear winner of all our template types.

RNID and World MS Day have seen fabulous public engagement with their Buzz Social Posters.

It’s also been heartwarming to see so many of our clients celebrate success this year for their nominations in the Third Sector Excellence Awards. In no particular order;

Triumphs at BrandStencil

We’ve been busy working on the platform and rolled out the following updates;

  • Platform wide upgrade to the latest version of Laravel - helping to keep the platform stable and secure
  • New feature; Social sharing of designs straight from the platform - following the trend for increase in social media use since the pandemic
  • Internationalisation of the Buzz social sharing templates - you can now have a multilingual interface
  • Additional settings for assets
    • Expiry dates
    • Option to add link to consent form
  • Ability to upload and host video on the platform - improving our digital asset management features

All round it’s been a busy year and we all need a break for the holidays 😊

From all of us to all of you - we wish you happy holidays and a prosperous New Year.

The BrandStencil team.

We are closed for the holidays

The office closes on 23rd December 2021 and reopens on 4th January 2022. During this time we will respond to critical support requests only.

The best way to contact us if you have a critical issue is by email to This email address will be periodically monitored during the closed period.

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