Place orders from your account.

18th May 2018

Online ordering can streamline your artwork production process and improve efficiencies. Place orders for artwork or ready-made products direct from your BrandStencil account to your preferred centralised supplier.

How it works

Currently artwork must be downloaded from BrandStencil and sent to a supplier for printing. With centralised ordering set up you tell us your preferred supplier email address, choose the templates that can have artwork ordered and add any other order specific information like paper options or turnaround time.

When the creator has finished making their artwork they can select ‘order’, complete the order form and send it by email to the supplier.

Keeping track of orders

A full order history is available in your reporting area so you can keep a track on what’s being ordered and by whom.


  • Reduces staff time
  • Improves print quality
  • Tackles duplication
  • Evaluates Needs

How you can do it

There is no additional cost for centralised ordering so it’s worth doing even if you only need it for one or two products. Get in touch and we can switch it on for your account or give you a demo to show you how it works.