Keep control of your brand value with approvals

18th April 2017

One way you can enjoy as much control as you need to over the use of your brand is by setting up some people as managed users.

As an Account Admin, you will have sight of anything produced by Managed Users because they need to submit their artwork for approval before they can download it.

How does it work?

  1. Account Admins receive an email notification, with a link to the work awaiting approval.
  2. The Admin can preview and download the artwork to review it, before deciding whether to approve or reject.
  3. When rejecting artwork, the Admin sends feedback to the creator telling them why, so they’ll understand what changes they need to make.
  4. Managed users get notified by email once work is approved or rejected. Their Saved Material view in BrandStencil includes handy colour markers to quickly differentiate between artwork that is Saved, Awaiting Approval, Approved and Rejected.

BrandStencil gives you everything you need to achieve the perfect balance between flexibility and control. Between really smart templates, and easy management of users and teams, you can effortlessly ensure all your organisation’s artwork is on message and on brand.

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Credit: blog listing photo by from Pexels