Introducing...Share with my Team

23rd March 2020

An exciting new feature that allows your users to share artwork within their team

Working remotely can be lonely and it can be hard to get inspired, especially in the times we’re currently experiencing. Our latest / newest feature helps people stay motivated and connected through a sharing feature that allows people to share their artwork with each other.

We’re proud to present...drum roll please…’Share with my Team’!

What is ‘Share with my Team?

‘Share with my Team’ is a brand new feature that allows users to share their completed designs with any team they are a member of. Other team members can download this artwork or copy the template and make their own artwork based on this.

This is a fantastic and very relevant feature for the times we’re in. With many of us remote working it’s a quick and easy way to share and update artwork without having to be in the same office. It’s also useful for nationwide or global teams, where often technical skills are varied and it’s only one or two details that need to change for the artwork to be used. Long gone are the days of creating multiple pieces of artwork; now you just ‘copy’, change and ‘save’! It’s also perfect for encouraging team members to be proud of their artwork and show it off - go team!

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How does it work?

Sharing with my team

Once you’ve made your artwork and saved it you will be taken to the ‘Save and download’ screen as normal, with another option to ‘Share with team(s)’. Once you click this you will see a checklist of all teams you are in. You can choose the teams you want to share this design with and click ‘Update’ to share. It’s as easy as that.

Artwork shared with me

When you visit your ‘Saved Materials’ you will see a new tab ‘Shared with me’. This will only appear if something has been shared with you by another team member. You will not see anything you have shared in there; that still sits in your personal Saved Materials’. you can choose to download the file as is or you can copy it and begin editing it as your own. This becomes your own artwork, meaning it doesn’t overwrite the original and you can share this with your team also.

This sounds great! How can I start using it?

This is currently in BETA testing. If you want to take part in our BETA test please get in touch with us and we can arrange this for you. After all, sharing is caring!