Deep dive into user behaviour with Google Analytics

7th January 2017

You can now integrate BrandStencil with Google Analytics to get more detailed metrics about user behaviour.

BrandStencil already has built in reporting but Google Analytics integration is a great way to get additional data about how people are using BrandStencil.

To set this up, we recommend creating a new ‘property’ within your Analytics account, specifically for BrandStencil. This will keep your BrandStencil data separate from everything else.

Each Analytics property has a code, formatted like: UA-00000000-0. This code just needs to be entered (or copy and pasted) into BrandStencil in the location: Settings > Account Settings > Google Analytics Tracking ID.

Enter your Analytics tracking code in BrandStencil

Once you’ve done this and clicked ‘Update’ to save your settings, all pages within your BrandStencil account will pull through to Google Analytics. This will give you the ability to get data on how many people are visiting each URL and how much time they are spending there. You can also set up reports on anything that’s of interest to you. This might include:

  • Page views (How many people accessing each template).
  • Average time on page (the time it takes people to make their assets from the template).
  • Exits (the percentage of people who close the site before they’ve finished making their asset - this can be helpful when looking at templates that need to be improved).

Credit: blog post listing photo by Pop & Zebra on Unsplash