Can SSO help you manage your brand?

22nd November 2023

Integrating your brand centre with 'single sign on' will bring you plenty of benefits to help you manage your brand if you are implementing a brand management platform.

So, what exactly is single sign on, also known as SSO?

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication system that allows a user to log in with a single ID to any of several related, yet independent, software systems.

In practice what this usually means is that once people are logged into their organisation's system they can access other software systems that are being used by the company, without the need for another username and password.

Integrating with SSO can help minimise the risks associated with implementing new tech into your organisation. Here's how;

1. Save time

You won't need to manage users login access to the platform as this is all taken care of by your IT team as part of setting up and removing user access to all your systems. You can focus on onboarding people in other ways by circulating details of the new brand hub and making sure it's got a visible access point, for example on your intranet or people's desktop.

2. Increase adoption

It's easy for people to get access to the brand centre when they need it, no need to remember to send or request an invite. And, there is no risk of people forgetting their username and password and then giving up. They'll also remember how easy getting access was, encouraging a repeat visit.

3. Increase productivity

Less waiting around or having problems with access means more time for your users to get the tasks done they need in your brand platform. They can pick up the brand assets they need, when they need them. Efficient tasks execution leaves them more time to get on with other work.

4. Improve security

With only their organisation credentials to remember there is less chance of people using weak passwords or sharing passwords. This helps keep your valuable brand assets protected. You will also benefit from all the compliance checks implemented by your IT team.

When won't you need an SSO integration

If you've only got a small number of users of your brand hub you might not need SSO. For BrandStencil we usually recommend it for anything above 25 users.

How to set up an SSO integration

Single sign-on integrations are set up with your organisation's Identity Provider (IdP). This is the service that stores and verifies user identity. Popular IdPs are Microsoft Azure, Google and Okta.

You'll need to get your IT team involved as they manage your IdP but it's a straightforward process that requires minimal input from their side and in nearly all cases it's something they have done already.

Get faster adoption

We can set up an SSO integration on your brand hub so people can get easy access.

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