A COVID-19 update

17th March 2020

Our commitment to our customers

Due to the most recent government advice regarding COVID-19 our entire team is now working remotely.

This is something many of us do regularly, so please be assured we are fully set up to work remotely. This means we are equipped to continue to be productive and work on your projects.

However, some of our team have young children and are having to care for them while they work. We expect schools to close shortly which means more team members will need to care for and home school their children.

In addition we are aware this situation will take an emotional toll on team members as worries about family and friends increase.

During this time we ask for your understanding and patience with us while we navigate this unknown territory. Please bear with us if we are not able to respond as promptly as usual or if work takes longer to carry out.

While we work remotely the best way to contact us is by email rather than phone. We will arrange online meetings with tools like Skype, Hangouts or Zoom, whichever is your preference.

We know we are not alone and we expect sure the above also resonates with how you are feeling. Let's keep communicating and supporting each other through this challenging time, however long that may be.

If you have any questions specifically about any ongoing work or anything at all please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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