15 minutes with.....Time To Change

25th June 2020

At BrandStencil we're on a mission to help organisations digitally transform and change the way they work. Today we're catching up with Time To Change to find out how they use BrandStencil to help deliver on their mandate and increase their campaign awareness and engagement.

Thanks for sharing your time with us. Can you tell us a little about yourself and Time To Change?

I'm the Senior Communications Officer at Time to Change. Time to Change is a social movement that's working to change our attitudes and behaviour towards mental health. We're run by charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, who also use BrandStencil

In my role I manage our BrandStencil platform, which provides resources for our social movement as well as staff.

What’s been your most exciting campaign of the year?

Time to Talk Day, which was on the 6th February 2020. This is a day where we want everyone to get involved and have a conversation about mental health – whether it's organising an event, talking to a friend or chatting with a colleague. In the run up to this year's Time to Talk Day, our social movement downloaded over 70,000 ready-to-use campaign materials from our Brand Stencil platform, and created over 13,000 bespoke posters using our editable templates.

Why did you feel you needed a template platform?

Our Time to Talk Day campaign relies on our wider movement (including employers, schools, individuals, community hubs and more) to take the message and disseminate it to their audiences. A template platform is key in enabling them to do this, and allows them to download branded resources as well as create tailored resources of their own - e.g. event posters.

What’s been your favourite thing to happen since you implemented BrandStencil?

Seeing our resources used around the country - on social media and in the flesh!

How do you see your digital marketing strategy growing in the future?

Downloadable and editable resources will continue to be an important element of our digital marketing. We're now looking at how we can make some of our Time to Talk Day resources evergreen, as well as looking ahead to Time to Talk Day 2021.