15 minutes with.....Healthwatch

24th September 2020

We love working with clients to help with their digital transformation and make their lives easier, especially throughout campaigns. Today we're talking to Healthwatch to find out more about their #BecauseWeAllCare campaign and how they used BrandStencil to increase campaign awareness and engagement through public templates.

Thanks for sharing your time with us. Can you tell us a little about yourself and Healthwatch?

I work in communications in Healthwatch, which is a national organisation that champions all those who use health and social care services. We listen to what people need from the services, what matters to them and what can be improved throughout.

In each area of England there is a dedicated local Healthwatch to work specifically with the community to ensure each person has the support available that they need.

What’s been your most exciting campaign of the year?

#BecauseWeAllCare has been our most exciting campaign this year and it's still running now. #BecauseWeAllCare aims to help services identify and address issues by gathering feedback about the health and social care services across England.

We encouraged people to engage in three different ways:

  • to take part in a short confidential online survey or via the Care Quality Commission;
  • to contact us vis phone or email to share their experiences with us or to find out more information about their local services;
  • to share their experience and encourage others to do so on social media with #BecauseWeAllCare.

For this final point we worked with BrandStencil to create a set of editable and downloadable social media assets to encourage social sharing and campaign engagement.

Find out more about #BecauseWeAllCare

Why did you feel you needed a template platform?

We currently have 151 franchises and for this campaign particularly we wanted to get all of our franchises involved to help further spread and promote it, but also Healthwatch as an organisation in general. We also to encourage other partners to use and share the campaign so having something public they could use easily was key.

What’s been your favourite thing to happen since you implemented BrandStencil?

Quick responses from the BrandStencil team and an easy to use the system!

What’s coming up for you? Are there any exciting things on the horizon?

We've got multiple projects and surveys going out before Christmas, a campaign around digital exclusion and we have our big conference in November which will be done virtually this year. Lots of things coming up!

An example of a downloadable Twitter banner for the campaign