Return on investment

Find out how much you could save switching to BrandStencil for your artwork creation

Things you make are event posters, leaflets, business cards, compslips, social media images, banners. If you aren't sure, check out this list.

A template is something you use to make sure your artwork is consistent. Templates are often made in Word, InDesign or PowerPoint and distributed to anyone who needs to customise the content. If you're still unsure, take a look at our demo site.

Calculate ROI

How we calculate ROI

Using BrandStencil

  • BrandStencil Advanced Plan for a non-profit organisation at £2,376 per year (£198 per month)
  • Template creation, based on an average of £360 per template
  • Staff costs for creating the artwork, based on 15 minutes to create each piece of artwork using BrandStencil at a cost of £12 per hour

Using traditional methods

  • Staff costs for handling the request, managing the artworking, getting approval and distributing the artwork based on 1 hour at £12 per hour
  • Staff costs for creating the artwork in Word based on 1 hour at £18.50 per hour
    Note: As some organiations have in-house artworkers (calculated at £12 per hour) and others outsource to contract / freelance designers (calculated at £25 per hour), we have averaged the artworking cost to £18.50 per hour

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