BrandStencil’s new Image Library gives you even more control

April 3, 2017

BrandStencil now has its own image library - a place to store all your photographs, icons and other brand imagery.

Your image library connects seamlessly with your templates, meaning approved images can be browsed and instantly added to your artwork.

This image library is available on all plans and can be switched on for any existing BrandStencil clients, so all you need to do is let us know if this would be useful for you.

Once enabled, you’ll see the Image Library alongside your Live Create and Asset Library areas, and you can use it to store your on-brand photographs, icons and other images.

Tag your images with basic metadata, and manage them using BrandStencil types and categories.

Choose who can see your images using your BrandStencil teams. This means anyone working with your marketing materials can only access the images you want them to use.

What’s more, as an Account Admin you can create collections of images and use them with specific templates. All you need to do is tell us which collection you want your template to pull images from, and we’ll hook everything up for you. Then you can add or remove images from the template selection as you need to - and any permissions applied to the image will also work within your template.

Create collections of images to use with your templates
Create collections of images to use with your templates

This means that even within a single template, the images each person is able to select can depend on their specific team membership. In other words, you can have even more control and flexibility within your templates than ever before!

Contact us to find out more or to switch on the new Image Library.

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