5 Reasons Why BrandStencil Will Make Your Life Easier

November 28, 2017

BrandStencil is the tool that can turn your organisation’s marketing material into reusable branded templates, protecting your investment in your brand and saving you time and money. But, just in case you don’t believe us; here’s 5 reasons why BrandStencil will make your life easier.

1. BrandStencil keeps your marketing material consistent and on-brand

Isn’t it frustrating when people across your organisation create marketing materials but the brand guidelines you spent hours preparing, haven’t been followed? With BrandStencil, all artwork is always on brand as only certain fields are editable - for example paragraph text, titles and images. Your brand colours and fonts will load for you automatically. Clever hey?

2. BrandStencil artwork is flexible and varied

Imagine a place where you can store all your brand imagery, photography and icons? BrandStencil allows you to create collections of images to use with specific templates, fully managed using permissions. So the right image will appear in the right place.

BrandStencil has also recently integrated with Third Light Image Library, allowing you to add images that you have approval to use.

3. You can track what’s been made and your ROI

Once you’ve got your artwork automation in place you need to know how it’s being used. You can view everything that’s been made using BrandStencil as sort by templates or creator. You can find out what templates are popular and what’s not being used. This helps you keep an eye on your ROI as well as make decisions about what templates you need.

BrandStencil can also integrate with your Google Analytics account if you want to drill further into the details.

4. Anyone connected with your organisation can find and make what they need

Your internal teams can access BrandStencil whenever they need to. You can set permissions on which teams can view certain templates too, for example fundraising flyers for the fundraising team and web banners for the digital comms team. BrandStencil can integrate with your existing systems meaning no additional logins or passwords. It doesn’t need to be complicated anymore!

5. Your people are empowered and inspired to get creative

You probably don’t enjoy your job as the ‘brand police’, always checking up on what people are making and having difficult conversations when artwork isn’t up to scratch. Using BrandStencil you can celebrate what people make across your organisation as you know it will always be on brand. Your teams will feel empowered too and will enjoy being creative.

We’re so sure you’ll love the impact that BrandStencil will have on your business we want to invite you to sign up to a, no obligation, 3 month trial. We will also create a free template from your artwork. This gives everyone across the organisation a chance to try it out and see how simple it is to start creating.

Simply contact us today and we’ll set up your account with your first custom template and unlimited users.

Why not give our clever ROI calculator a go too and find out much your organisation could save by signing up to a BrandStencil account.