New customisation options for your platform

10th April 2018

You can now choose the names for each of your main sections inside your BrandStencil account. This means you can use the language your users understand, making it easier for them to use the system and make more on-brand artwork.

Some of you told us that the names we’d given to each section didn’t always make sense for the people using the platform so we've changed it so you can name them as you like.

Our BrandStencil sections are named Live Create, Asset Library and Image Library by default and you can update the name, some ideas are;

  • Templates, Create, Make (for Live Create)
  • Ready made, Ready to use, Assets (for Asset library)
  • Images, Photos, (for Image library)

How you can do it

Changing the names of your sections can be done instantly, just get in contact at If you aren’t sure about what names to use just get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

Credit: blog listing photo by Edgardo Lagmay on Unsplash

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